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The Versatile Tubing You Request

You need versatile and durable parts to make sure that your own manufacturing process runs smoothly. To help you create better appliances, assemblies, and more. OCTA INC. offers top-quality specialty tubing. We also supply you with premium HVAC parts that help you optimize HVAC and refrigeration systems.

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Built for Your Needs

Industrial tubing is used in a variety of industries. It is versatile because it can transport liquids or gases, depending on the types of machines or equipment where it is used. Expand your stock of industry-related parts with items from our selection. Our specialty products include:

Filter Dryer Assemblies - Dryer Assemblies - Charge Valves - Access Valves
- Capillary & Tube Suction Lines Assemblies (Single & Double Brazing Capabilities)
- Gas Loops for Refrigeration

What You Need to Keep Things Cool

If you do heating and cooling work, you're probably always looking for quality parts. You need products that are tough enough to withstand either the heat or the cold generated by various types of equipment and systems. OCTA INC. provides HVAC and refrigeration replacement parts that restore machines and systems in addition to extending their lives.